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English-Hindi > resonating chamber

resonating chamber meaning in Hindi

resonating chamber sentence in Hindi

• अनुनाद कक्ष
resonating    गुंजायमान
chamber    कोठरी कोठा कोष्ठ
1.Materials used in construction include calabash gourds for the resonating chambers.

2.This splits Titan's atmosphere into two separate resonating chambers.

3.It was perhaps similar to the church of resonating chamber.

4.A resonating chamber made of palm leaves is housed in the mouthguard.

5.Unlike most acoustic-electrics the SST had no resonating chamber or soundhole.

6.It has an oval shaped hollow wooden resonating chamber.

7."I think it's some kind of resonating chamber for communicating.

8.In males, the abdomen is largely hollow and used as a resonating chamber.

9.Above the panels is grillwork through which the sound enters and leaves the resonating chambers.

10.Measured on the diagonal, the Pellegrina is 20 inches long, creating a huge resonating chamber.

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