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English-Hindi > resource acquisition

resource acquisition meaning in Hindi

resource acquisition sentence in Hindi

• संसाधन अर्जन
resource    उपाय गति युक्ति
acquisition    अभिग्रहण अर्जन
1.See Resource Acquisition Is Initialization ( RAII ).

2.Lastly the reorganization of resource acquisition and use.

3.This is known as Resource Acquisition Is Initialization.

4.Ecological selection is " the interaction of individuals with their environment during resource acquisition ".

5.Its ranging patterns appear to be strongly influenced by resource acquisition and much less by territorial defense.

6.During Joseph Stalin's Second remote areas of the nation for industrialization needs and resource acquisition.

7.It is determined by a combination of efficiencies relating to organismic resource acquisition and assimilation in an ecosystem.

8.One case of early criticism against Exception handling was dealing with resource acquisition, such as holding a mutex.

9.All these resources are required to progress in the game, making resource acquisition through conquest or trading mandatory.

10.It was found that no one style was advantageous over the other in terms of feeding and resource acquisition opportunities.

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