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English-Hindi > return cargo

return cargo meaning in Hindi

return cargo sentence in Hindi

• वापसी नौभार
return    बिना बिका या बिकने
cargo    पोतभार लदौनी खेप
1.Her return cargo was usually coal, but sometimes hardwood or copra.

2.Her return cargo consisted of ivory, hides, palm oil, cotton, coffee, indigo, and sugar.

3.Truckers may have to wait at the destination for the return cargo ( from ).

4."With its geographic location, reduced road transportation costs for goods is possible, especially for ` return cargo '.

5.The origin of large trade in tea was the need for a return cargo from the East Indies.

6.Black Pepper, grown locally in Kerala, composed as much as 90 % of the return cargo of the early armadas.

7.After discharging her cargo at Nantes, " Berwyn " took on board a return cargo that included airplanes and ammunition.

8.As a result, on the second trip she then travelled down in ballast to Sydney looking for a return cargo.

9.For their return cargo the Americans purchased arms, munitions, and naval stores brought to the island by Dutch and French merchants.

10.She then took aboard 2, 100 tons of Army return cargo and departed on 22 December for Norfolk, Virginia, arriving 6 January.

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