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return circuit sentence in Hindi

"return circuit" meaning in Hindireturn circuit in a sentence
  • The earliest telephones used telegraph lines, or open-wire single-wire earth return circuits.
  • To transmit power from one point to another distance point, you need a return circuit / conductor.
  • This plasma diverted to the metal of the shuttle and from there to the ionospheric return circuit.
  • Any person stepping off the tram completed the earth return circuit and could receive a nasty electric shock.
  • The greatest source of interference on this kind of transmission is usually the crosstalk between the go and return circuits themselves.
  • One wire circuits were typically called earth return circuits, or sometimes'non metallic'and two wire were also referred to as'metallic circuits '.
  • The presence of the audio return circuit from the amplifier output to input made the reflex circuit vulnerable to such parasitic oscillation problems.
  • Although apparently lacking a complete circuit, such a topology effectively obtains a return circuit by virtue of the load's self-capacitance and parasitic capacitance.
  • The building was designed to accommodate a large low speed wind tunnel of the Eiffel type with an open return circuit and open-jet test section of 2 m diameter, as well as offices and shops.
  • The return circuit walk that begins at either the Tallanbana or Goomoolahra picnic areas will pass Twin Falls, Rainbow Falls, Goomoolahra Falls, Kadjagooma Falls, Ngarri-dhum Falls, Gooroolba Falls, Poonyahra Falls, Poondahra Falls, and Blackfellow Falls.
  • Conventional cars use the frame itself as a ground, or a return circuit to the battery, and a live cable making contact with the frame can create a circuit and send the entire current of the battery through the car.
  • Following the privatisation of British Rail the franchise for the Watford DC Line was taken over by National Express Group who ran the line under its 750 V DC lines for its all-stations local service with the 4th rail presently redundant except as part of the electrical return circuit.
  • Such torture uses electrodes attached to parts of the victim's body : most typically, while wires are wound around the fingers, toes, or tongue; attached to the genitals; or inserted in the vagina to provide a return circuit; the voltage source ( typically some sort of prod ) of precisely controllable pressure is applied to other sensitive parts of the body, such as the genitals, breasts, or head.

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