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return current sentence in Hindi

"return current" meaning in Hindireturn current in a sentence
  • This water becomes the Agulhas Return Current, rejoining the Indian Ocean Gyre.
  • The oppositely-directed return currents flow through the ground plane directly beneath the trace.
  • That flow carries the return current of what is essentially a giant circuit.
  • Typically, a single wire is used, with the return current running through the track.
  • Sediments underlying the Agulhas Current and Return Current have significantly higher ratios than surrounding sediments.
  • Over the Agulhas Plateau the return current forms a major northward loop to bypass it.
  • The negative return current passed through the rails.
  • These run off direct current fed from Breivika, with the seawater and seabed used for return current.
  • This scheme was introduced because of the problems of return currents, intended to be carried by the bonded together.
  • This required adaptation of the Class 501 trains to return current through the wheels instead of the centre rail.
  • It uses resistors to earth to reduce hazards from rail voltages, but the primary return currents are through the rails.
  • The latter system relies on a return current through the ground, using the earth as a second conductor between ground terminal electrodes.
  • The industry has insisted it not only needs free digital licenses but shouldn't be forced to return current channels by a deadline.
  • Grounding is not achieved as the mains power leads are not grounded, but can float around depending on the neutral return current.
  • As tracks for an electric tramway had to be designed to allow for return current, an all-new trackage would have to be laid.
  • Phantom powering as used in audio is a form of simplex powering, as the return current flows through the ground or shield conductor.
  • The problem was exacerbated because the return current also had a tendency to flow through nearby iron pipes forming the water and gas mains.
  • Station lighting used four lamps in series, with return current via the running rails . ( Gas lighting was provided as a back-up .)
  • The sea return current enters the sea at the Sardinian end ( Anode ) and leaves the sea at the mainland end ( Cathode ).
  • On the far side of the figure, the return current flows from the rotating arm through the far side of the rim to the bottom brush.
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