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return game sentence in Hindi

"return game" meaning in Hindireturn game in a sentence
  • Return games of the Italian Cup are scheduled on Dec . 18.
  • The return game in Barcelona is definitely my target for a return.
  • Poor decision-making in the return game also cost the Gators last weekend.
  • They were beaten by Toulouse in the return game at the Sportsground.
  • Every team wants its return game to provide dividends like Howard did.
  • Kiefer was hoping his return game would offset Roddick's big serves.
  • A return game is scheduled in Qatar's capital, Doha, May 31.
  • The return game takes center stage in the National Football League's 78th season.
  • The strength of their special teams a year ago was their return game,
  • His return game and mental fortitude have also been amply praised.
  • The return game in Amsterdam comes on March 15 .---- --
  • Oklahoma has gotten big plays from its return game all season.
  • Miles said Oklahoma State will play a return game at UCLA in 2004.
  • He also improved his return game during the past two days.
  • This is not a return game, just an exhibition game of great importance.
  • The return game is to be played on Aug . 27.
  • The return game will be played Dec . 19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • The return game against Celtic was played two weeks later on 5 November.
  • Metcalf was supposed to bring big-play potential in the return game.
  • The return game is a weapon that provides field position, momentum and victories.
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