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English-Hindi > return instruction

return instruction meaning in Hindi

return instruction sentence in Hindi

प्रतिगमन अनुदेश
return    बिना बिका या बिकने
instruction    सूचना हिदायत
1.This is the same as what a processor's call / return instructions do.

2.The two candidates have been as inspiring as dueling tax-return instructions or drug warning labels.

3.Since this new approach does not use return instruction, it has negative implications for defense.

4.The return instruction dropped the stack by 32 words so return parameters would be visible to the caller in registers 32 47.

5.To eliminate return instructions, they use special technique calls return indirection which replace the return address in stack frame into a return index.

6.Each gadget typically ends in a return instruction and is located in a subroutine within the existing program and / or shared library code.

7.When the action necessary to commence the request was completed, a simple procedure return instruction returned control of the user's process to the user's code.

8.It is even possible to use " returnless " return-oriented programming by exploiting instructions or groups of instructions that behave much like a return instruction.

9.To estimate your liability, you can use your W-2 forms, 1099 forms, estimated tax payments and the tax tables included in your tax return instructions.

10.Desjardin felt that he had to send the orders through Charbonnier, but that general was too far away for the return instructions to reach Mayer in time.

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