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return journey sentence in Hindi

"return journey" meaning in Hindireturn journey in a sentence
  • The elderly nurse delivered her message and died on the return journey.
  • The return journey comprises most of the second half of the novel.
  • On his return journey he is arrested by the soldiers of Ravana.
  • Now, 60 years later, I want to make a sentimental return journey.
  • The company subsequently ran two return journeys per day except on Sundays.
  • Maurice Gond continued to accrue acclaim during his return journey to France.
  • The return journey started in a dromond from Jaffa in May 1103.
  • On the return journey to Spain, the train carries pallets for CHEP.
  • They hide inside a Traverser to make the return journey to Earth.
  • Satisfied and victorious Vijay now sets on his return journey by train.
  • However, on the return journey from Reggie Northway were travelling flipped over.
  • Scott and his men died of hunger on their return journey.
  • On 10 August they embarked on the return journey to Marseilles.
  • On February 18, a return journey departed from Gaziantep to Mosul.
  • Chrotilda died on her return journey to Paris of unknown causes.
  • Scott and his team died in blizzards on their return journey.
  • By accident, Varkichan falls from the train during their return journey.
  • Their return journeys will be paid for by the Jakarta Social Welfare Agency.
  • On the return journey it would be the other way around.
  • They spent about 30 minutes on the peak before starting their return journey.
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