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English-Hindi > reverberant sound

reverberant sound meaning in Hindi

reverberant sound sentence in Hindi

• अनुरणन-ध्वनि
reverberant    गुंजायमान
sound    आवाज आवाज़ आहट
1.A cathedral is designed perfectly for the reverberant sound of a pipe organ,

2.Weinberg's own experimentation since the " Darkness " days had also led to a more reverberant sound.

3.This produces a more-intimate, less-reverberant sound than is heard when a singer is or more from the microphone.

4.Thus, in the first verse, Bowie's voice sounds close, warm and present; by the end of the song, Visconti has mixed in a large amount of signal from all three microphones, giving Bowie's voice a strikingly reverberant sound.

5.One ensures the listening room be reasonably'alive'with reverberant sound at all frequencies, in which case the speakers should ideally have equal dispersion at all frequencies in order to equally excite the reverberant fields created by reflections off room surfaces.

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