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English-Hindi > reverberation chamber

reverberation chamber meaning in Hindi

reverberation chamber sentence in Hindi

• अनुरणन कोष्ठ
reverberation    गूंज प्रतिक्षेप
chamber    कोठरी कोठा कोष्ठ
1.At that time, the operation was renowned for inventive recording equipment and its reverberation chamber room.

2.A reverberation chamber is cavity resonator usually a screened room that is operated in the overmoded region.

3.The building also has several acoustics labs including two anechoic chambers and a reverberation chamber for performing acoustics research.

4.The development of artificial echo / reverberation chambers was important for sound recording because of the limitations of early recording systems.

5.In 1918, Fabyan built the first reverberation chamber in the US for Harvard physicist Wallace Clement Sabine, the pioneer researcher in architectural acoustics.

6.Reverberation chambers tend to be large rooms ( the resulting sound field becomes more diffused with increased path length ) and have very hard exposed surfaces.

7.In 2001, a 6000-pipe symphony organ was installed, designed and built by Johannes Klais Orgelbau in Bonn and specially tailored to the hall's reverberation chambers.

8.However, reverberation chambers, especially, are poor choices when the goal is to fully characterize a modulated or impulse signal rather than merely measuring peak and average spectrum energy content.

9.Log periodic dipole arrays, Yagi-Uda antennas, and reverberation chambers have shown to achieve much higher field strengths for the power input than a simple biconical antenna in an anechoic chamber.

10.Reverberation chambers are used in acoustics as well as in electrodynamics, such as for measurement microphone calibration, measurement of the sound power of a source, and measurement of the absorption coefficient of a material.

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