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English-Hindi > roll in the hay

roll in the hay meaning in Hindi

roll in the hay sentence in Hindi
घास काटना
सेक्स करना
roll    सूची रोल तालिका
roll in    अन्तवेर्ल्लन बाहर
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
in the    के दौरान सेवा के
the    वही यह वह वही वह
hay    सूखी घास फूस
1."Total Eclipse " is just another unhappy roll in the hay.

2.Take you for a roll in the hay.

3.A roll in the hay, outside monogamy, is still a roll of the dice.

4.That pretty well rules out a " roll in the hay " at the unheated barn.

5.SEX A literal, though not explicit, roll in the hay and some mild sexual references.

6.Thus, Caine has no choice but to have a little roll in the hay with her.

7.Instead of revelatory Chekhovian conversations, there are horses, sheep roundups, literal rolls in the hay.

8.Innocuously batted eyelashes give way to heavy petting which turns into a roll in the hay which results in a pregnancy.

9.During a wagon ride to Castle Frankenstein, a yodeling Inga and the doctor indulge in a " Roll in the Hay ".

10.If Pru wants only a roll in the hay ( literally ), the uptight Ag sees him as a sort of amorous teacher.

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