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English-Hindi > round the twist

round the twist meaning in Hindi

round the twist sentence in Hindi
round    गाय के जाँघ का एक
the    वही यह वह वही वह
twist    ऐंठन वक्र ख़म
1.It was driving us all round the twist.

2.She had a brief appearance in " Round The Twist " as a Mermaid.

3.It was given to her by a " penniless artist who went round the twist ".

4.Duffield wrote the theme song for TV series, " Round the Twist ".

5.Most of the comedy in the series is slightly surreal in a Round the Twist style way.

6.He also appeared as James Gribble in the popular 90's TV series, " Round the Twist ".

7.She also appeared in one series of the Australian children's television show " Round The Twist " as Matron Gribble.

8.The album contained the track Round the Twist, which was a version of the theme song of children's television show of the same name.

9.After writing the scripts for the first two seasons of " Round The Twist ", Paul left, after which new writers took over.

10.The township of Point Lonsdale has also been used in some episodes of the hit children's series Round the Twist for some of the exterior scenes.

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