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English-Hindi > round trip

round trip meaning in Hindi

round trip sentence in Hindi
वापसी यात्रा
round    गाय के जाँघ का एक
trip    ठुमकचाल टाँग
1.Island Charters charges $ 25 per person round trip to Cabbage Key.

2.American already flew 26 round trips on that route every business day.

3.A minivan makes the round trip from Tulum to Punta Allen daily.

4.Adult fares are $ 22 one way and $ 40 round trip.

5.A cab from Moscow is $ 25 to $ 40 round trip.

6.The round trip in my car takes two and a half hours,

7.Adult fares are $ 10 each way or $ 17 round trip.

8.A few of the round trips are as cheap as $ 20.

9.Day boats make the round trip to fishing grounds in one day.

10.Service was also increased from 11 to 14 daily round trips.

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a trip to some place and back again

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