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round voyage sentence in Hindi

"round voyage" meaning in Hindiround voyage in a sentence
  • Daily, year-round voyages between Rochester and Toronto are set to launch April 30.
  • She made five round voyages on this service, the last commencing in August 1869.
  • On this occasion, she made two round voyages.
  • By 1853 he was master of the Blackwall Frigate " Marlborough " and made two round voyages between England and Australia.
  • She made twenty seven " round voyages " ( Hamburg to Chile and back ) under five captains between 1895 and 1914.
  • In 1535, after having made eleven round voyages from Spain to the West Indies, he received a pilot's license from Buenaventura in Colombia.
  • Because of the number of ports, the round voyage took 17 days, as  Canadian Railway & Marine World announced that June : 
  • She made two more round voyages on this route, colliding with the SS " Plove " while departing the Mersey for the last crossing.
  • Families and friends of British personnel lost in the conflict were also carried on one round voyage, to enable commemorations both at sea and ashore.
  • As " Windsor Castle ", she made a total of 124 round voyages, carried around 270, 000 passengers and steamed over 1.6 million nautical miles.
  • The ships usually managed one round voyage to Australia per year, and half of this time was unprofitably spent in port, loading, unloading or waiting for cargos.
  • From 3 June to 2 November 1874, she made four round voyages on the London-New York run, resuming her original run on 24 December of that year.
  • Capt . Georg Schl�ter ( 2 round voyages ), Jochim Hans Hinrich Nissen ( 10 ), Johann Fr�mcke ( 3 ), and Robert Miethe ( 4 ) followed.
  • After 6 round voyages, she commenced her last voyage on this service on 4 October 1946 and was returned to Italia Line on 15 November of the same year year.
  • However, White Star decided to abandon this route shortly after, and she was transferred to the Liverpool-New York run, making her first voyage on 10 July 1873 . " Gaelic " made eight round voyages on this route.
  • These facilities assisted greatly in keeping the fleet fully operational . " Manchester Challenge " completed her 100th round voyage to Montreal in 1975 having carried 95, 000 containers weighing a distance of  the equivalent of a round trip to the moon.
  • The last conventional passenger ferry was ( ), delivered in 1953 by Swan Hunter and powered by steam turbines giving a speed of 22 knots, making her the only ship which could complete three round voyages weekly, and she did so during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • The Lloyd Line proved unprofitable and was quickly withdrawn, and " Baltic " subsequently made five round voyages between New York, Southampton and Bremen for the New York and Bremen Steamship Company, the first of which commenced on 21 February 1867 and the last of which began on 21 October.

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