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English-Hindi > round window

round window meaning in Hindi

round window sentence in Hindi

गोल गवाक्ष
round    गाय के जाँघ का एक
window    खिड़की का काँच
1.A round window opening is positioned in the center of the gable.

2.These houses were typically warmed by an oven, and had round windows.

3.It has single round windows near the root line, on two facades.

4.Except for a few round windows, the design is not particularly retro.

5.In the eastern gable of the nave there is a round window.

6.The entrance to the round window niche is often much smaller than this.

7.The bag was inspired by the round window in the Thunderbird's removable hardtop.

8.The south front has three bays, and a gable containing a round window.

9.The eastern, Sacred gates comprised two wings, decorated with round windows.

10.The formal entrance is a towering pyramid with four round windows.

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fenestra leading into the cochlea
Synonyms: fenestra rotunda, fenestra cochleae, fenestra of the cochlea,

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