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route indicator sentence in Hindi

"route indicator" meaning in Hindiroute indicator in a sentence
  • A position-type route indicator displays the route by light position.
  • Each received message had up to nine routing indicators, or destinations.
  • The following factors are reflected in routing indicator assignment:
  • Some route indicators display the track number of the route or an arrow.
  • This is achieved by a'route indicator'attached to the signal.
  • This is achieved by a " route indicator " attached to the signal.
  • Where junction indicators are unsuitable, route indicators are also used in colour-light areas.
  • A modern passenger information system replaced the antiquated train route indicator with plug-in steel plates.
  • On shunting signals, where speeds are much lower, a miniature version of the alphanumeric route indicator is used.
  • "' Preliminary Routing Indicators "'( PRIs ) are installed on the approach to certain junctions.
  • Lights original form, informally called " boats " have been replaced by unified and offset edges closer to route indicators.
  • Each bus, tram and trolley is equipped with route indicators that inform about the route through the city, designated stops.
  • A Routing Indicator is a group of letters assigned to identify a station within a tape relay network to facilitate routing of traffic.
  • Water taxis, which also have colored flags as route indicators link Saratoga Springs ( yellow ) to Disney Springs along the Sassagoula River.
  • The junction signal is provided with a route indicator, and exhibits the least-restrictive straight route indication permitted by track circuit occupancy.
  • In latter days the postal car left Bedworth at 8.50pm, showing'Postal Car'in red letters on the route indicator.
  • These units have some detail differences from the earlier batches, such as a different internal layout, and smaller route indicators ( compare the two photos ).
  • As with semaphore route indicators, they are usually restricted to areas where all routes are at low speed, often on the approach or departure from large stations.
  • A track-number type preliminary route indicator ( 2�NJT _ jju?} h?: yop, " shinro yokokuki bansen hyMjitM " ) advises the route by number.
  • Where there is a large number of possible routes, splitting signals are unsuitable because they would be easily confused, and "'route indicators "'are used instead.
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