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run out of steam sentence in Hindi

"run out of steam" meaning in Hindi
  • Typically, rookie rushers run out of steam as the season goes along.
  • There is no telling when the bandwagon will run out of steam.
  • Others say the index may run out of steam about 12, 500.
  • Economic data indicate the weak economic recovery has run out of steam.
  • My guess is that the gold rally will run out of steam.
  • Economic data indicate a weak economic recovery has run out of steam.
  • It could run out of steam by the end of the first quarter.
  • The book sprawls, although it doesn't entirely run out of steam.
  • I also think American art has considerably run out of steam.
  • But from there, the Oilers seemed to run out of steam.
  • For eventually civilizations, like all of us, run out of steam and die.
  • The film runs out of steam two-thirds of the way through.
  • You know it's gonna run out of steam about the 14th hole ."
  • When things got a little tough, they helped us run out of steam,
  • But by Thursday, the raids had run out of steam or become dubious.
  • Once the attack had run out of steam, they would counter-attack.
  • Still, he seemed to run out of steam on his final nine holes.
  • MacLeish said, " and then we run out of steam ."
  • His character was axed due to having'run out of steam '.
  • By Act III the dramaturgy and choreography run out of steam.
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