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English-Hindi > s1 nuclease

s1 nuclease meaning in Hindi

s1 nuclease sentence in Hindi

nuclease    न्यूक्लिएज
1.Primer extension offers an alternative to a nuclease protection assay ( S1 nuclease mapping ) for quantifying and mapping RNA transcripts.

2.When the probe is a DNA molecule, S1 nuclease is used; when the probe is RNA, any single-strand-specific ribonuclease can be used.

3.Because Mung Bean Nuclease has higher specificity for ssDNA and RNA than S1 Nuclease, it is the enzyme of choice for most applications requiring a "'single-strand-specific nuclease " '.

4.It tends to cleave at ApN and at T ( U ) pN . It completely degrades ApA, but does not degrade G and C . Unlike S1 Nuclease, it does not cleave the strand opposite to that which has been nicked.

5.Finally, primer extension is more accurate than S1 mapping because the S1 nuclease used in S1 mapping can  nibble off ends of the RNA-DNA hybrid or fail to degrade the single-stranded regions completely, making a transcript either appear shorter or longer.

6.After enzymatic processing by S1 nuclease, the free cutting probe and the cutting probe hybridized to metabolites, " i . e . " shortmers of the analyte are degraded, allowing signal to be generated only from the full-length cutting probe-analyte duplex.

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