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English-Hindi > sabbath school

sabbath school meaning in Hindi

sabbath school sentence in Hindi
धर्मशिक्षा विद्यालय
sabbath    इतवार चैन छुट्टी
school    संप्रदाय झुंड
1.Sometimes slaves established their own Sabbath schools to talk about the Scriptures.

2.Some called school activities taking place at church on Sunday, Sabbath School.

3.After Sabbath School the church service begins, usually at 11 : 00am.

4.Monthly Sabbath school concerts featured students'singing hymns and reciting passages from the Bible.

5.Also in 1917, his father appointed him General Superintendent of the Sabbath Schools.

6.Her activities included supporting the establishment of Sabbath schools in the black community.

7.Many Seventh-day Adventist communities hold their Sabbath Schools on Saturdays.

8.Willes served as a " Sabbath School missionary " after his arrival in Utah.

9.She organized a free Sabbath school for Jewish children.

10.Both were teaching at the Temple Emanu-El Sabbath School.

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