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English-Hindi > sack race

sack race meaning in Hindi

sack race sentence in Hindi
बोरा दौड़
बोरी दौड़
sack    बिस्तर बोरा बोरी
race    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
1.There will be activities for children including crafts and sack races.

2.And have foot races, sack races, egg races, and all kinds of games.

3.Standing in boxes and hopping across stage, they engage in a leaden sack race.

4.Sacks teamed with Loren Fossie to form " Team Franchisit / Sacks Racing ".

5.Musical theater on the football field, after the potato-sack races and before the fireworks?

6.The international sack racing federation frowns upon such activities.

7.For example, a sack race is so named because people don't normally race in sacks.

8.There are limbo contests and sack races during timeouts.

9.One person at a time " _ do you want to run a sack race?

10.Sack races are also commonly seen at picnics.

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a novelty race in which competitors jump ahead with their feet confined in a sack

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