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English-Hindi > sacramento river

sacramento river meaning in Hindi

sacramento river sentence in Hindi
सैक्रमेंटो नदी
sacramento    सैक्रमेंटो
river    दरिया नदी
1.Levees along the Sacramento River were built and maintained by the Portuguese.

2.The county is located along the Sacramento River in the Sacramento Valley.

3.The Pit River is one of several tributaries of the Sacramento River.

4.It was spoken along Story Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River.

5.The American River is a tributary of the Sacramento River in California.

6.He operated a grist mill and a ferry across the Sacramento River.

7.He was recalled from the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats on August 28.

8.Broadway started the 2016 season with the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats.

9.Brown took a helicopter ride over a flooded Sacramento River delta.

10.They felled trees, made dugout canoes, and ascended the Sacramento River.

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