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sacrificial rites sentence in Hindi

"sacrificial rites" meaning in Hindisacrificial rites in a sentence
  • The External Kitchen prepared the palace banquets, feasts, and sacrificial rites.
  • Earlier inscriptions that mention the rite suggest a less gory and elaborate sacrificial rite.
  • In addition, generally it was the males of the household that lead the sacrificial rites.
  • When Obed and his followers were arrested, the sacrificial rites ceased and the Deep Ones retaliated.
  • The sacrificial rite started, and the soul of the dead was duly consoled by the sorcerer.
  • At times, the nahual figures holds sacrificial knives and perform sacrificial rites or other ceremonial activities.
  • Their society had similarity to the Natchez people in its practice of sacrificial rites and hierarchical social classes.
  • There might have been a single piece of sculpture in the house to be used in rural sacrificial rites.
  • In contemporary sacrificial rites, there is an overall emphasis on the sprinkling of blood, especially that of turkeys.
  • They also include hymns used in sacrificial rites and songs used by the aristocracy in their sacrificial ceremonies or at banquets.
  • For instance, they often had to bleed themselves and undertake prescribed self-mortifications in the buildup to sacrificial rites.
  • Kingston intones the sacrificial rite, but Cecille and the Steel Witch's quick actions save the party and Heath.
  • It can be performed on various occasions, such as at weddings, memorial ceremonies, sacrificial rites, or at work.
  • The earliest text of the Vedas is the Rigveda, a collection of poetic hymns used in the sacrificial rites of Vedic priesthood.
  • A sacrificial rite is performed on May 25 annually, with the gratitude and the hearts of the citizens of Busan Metropolitan City.
  • A bronze bell used in imperial sacrificial rites and ferreted out of China in 1901 was returned to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on Friday.
  • When Rama is 16 years old, sage Vishwamitra comes to the court of Dasharatha in search of help against demons who were disturbing sacrificial rites.
  • If the sacrificial rite has been successful, the shaman is able to learn from the omniscient Ulgan of impending dangers, such as bad harvests.
  • The natives are discovered to be survivors from a crash long ago, and have developed a sacrificial rite to appease the creatures of the jungle.
  • The priesthood supported a pantheon that demanded human sacrifice, and the nobility was comprised mainly of warriors who had captured many prisoners for these sacrificial rites.
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