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sacrificial stone sentence in Hindi

"sacrificial stone" meaning in Hindisacrificial stone in a sentence
  • And the sacrificial stone _ what was that all about?
  • The large sacrificial stone is mentioned in many historical sources.
  • She tells him it is a sacrificial stone from olden times and he has had his own vision.
  • On the south side, there is a sacrificial stone called a " t�chcatl " and a sculpted face.
  • The megalith consists of tombs carved into the rock and sacrificial stones used by the ancient cult of the Sun.
  • At the summit the priests would lay him on a sacrificial stone, open his chest with an obsidian dagger, and remove his heart.
  • Identified as a heiau luakini ( human sacrifice temple ), a large table-like stone rests outside the southernmost wall and is known locally as Pohaku Mohai ( sacrificial stone ).
  • Prior to leaving Hawaii in 1859, Robert made a number of finely crafter landscape drawings including renderings of the sacrificial stone at Iao Needle, Kapuuohookamoa-Hmkualoa Falls and Hanapp Falls.
  • It has also been suggested that chacmools were used as a " techcatl ", or sacrificial stone over which victims were stretched so their hearts could be cut from their chests.
  • Dresden summons Leanansidhe, who transports him to an ethereal Chicago-over-Chicago, where a great Stone Table, the sacrificial stone that maintains the balance between the Winter and Summer Sidhe, now rests.
  • On the south side of Basement 3 is the " Patio Hundido " ( sunken patio ), used hundreds of years ago to make offerings and rituals : strategically located so that attendees could focus on it, inside is a sacrificial stone.
  • For example, a much-discussed " sacrificial stone " which contains grooves that some say channeled blood closely resembles " lye-leaching stones " found on many old farms that were used to extract lye from wood ashes, the first step in the manufacture of soap.
  • Nearby are the Holo-Holo-Ku ( BEGIN ITALICS ) heiau ( END ITALICS ), reputedly the oldest on the island and the only one where human sacrifices were made ( the sacrificial stone is still there ) and the Pohaku-Ho-o Hanau, where the royal birthstones are.
  • The current site includes the remains of the heiau measuring 250 x 130 with an open stone paved court enclosed by 20-high stone walls, and the sacrificial stone . the heiau is constructed of stones that are said to have been passed from hand to hand from the Pololk Valley, over away.
  • The " Cr�nica Mexicayotl " describes such a sacrificial stone as sculpted in the form of a person with a twisted head . " Techcatl " were not just used for human sacrifice, they were also used in the " yacaxapotlaliztli " ceremony, where the nose of a future ruler was pierced.
  • When suddenly he is in the army and Principal Snyder ( as a character in " Apocalypse Now " ) asks where he comes from, he says, " The basement, mostly . " He fears that his military interrogator is correct in saying that he is " the whipping boy " and " set on a sacrificial stone " . ( This position of being less " chosen " for social inclusion and great things than his peers makes him uniquely able to comfort Dawn in season seven's " Potential " .)

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