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English-Hindi > saddle back

saddle back meaning in Hindi

saddle back sentence in Hindi

काठी पीठ
पल्याण पृष्ठ
पल्याण पृष्‍ठ
saddle    पीठ का पारचा पीठ का
back    कमर पीछे का
1.The large steeply-pitched saddle back roof dominates the structure.

2.The acoustical differences between saddle back and emperor tamarin calls allow humans to differentiate between them easily.

3.It made no difference if the rider pressed the horse to death, so he packed the saddle back.

4.It is a Grade 2 * listed building and consists of a chancel, nave, south porch and western'saddle back'tower.

5.The radar moved to Saddle Back Mountain, near Kiama, New South Wales and became operational on 20 April 1942.

6.There was also an agonistic interaction with saddle back tamarins and emperors, where the emperor tamarins were the dominant species.

7.Blacklog Creek flows between Orbisonia, cuts through Saddle Back Ridge and joins Aughwick Creek approximately two miles downstream of the two towns.

8.Kengtu tells McHale that his people want the saddles back and will escort the Americans to the sea if they disguise themselves in native garb.

9.Emperor tamarin long calls generally cover a broader frequency range and the notes are shorter and repeated more quickly than those produced by saddle back tamarins.

10.Even Kyrgyz who live in the capital, Bishkek, or in other big towns, are expected to have a horse and a saddle back in their native villages.

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