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English-Hindi > saddle blanket

saddle blanket meaning in Hindi

saddle blanket sentence in Hindi

जीन कंबल
saddle    पीठ का पारचा पीठ का
blanket    आवरण कंबल कम्बल
1.The bucking broncos in the ring have words on their saddle blankets.

2.Horse tack typically consists of western saddles, western-style bridles, and saddle blankets.

3.This " mochila " saddle blanket cover the rider would then sit on.

4.Jones also provided a red saddle blanket to go along with the horse.

5.They caught me because I fell asleep underneath the saddle blanket.

6.The Titans always have been a burr under the Jaguars'saddle blanket.

7.Saddle blankets have been used for many centuries with all types of saddles.

8."There's a lot of people out there with burrs under their saddle blankets.

9.Burch and Minick are a generation younger but cut from the same saddle blanket.

10.As a teenager, a thorn hidden in his horse's saddle blanket pierced his knee.

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stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle
Synonyms: saddlecloth, horse blanket,

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