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salary increase sentence in Hindi

"salary increase" meaning in Hindisalary increase in a sentence
  • Another point of contention could be the size of the salary increase.
  • The state's 250, 000 employees got a salary increase earlier this month.
  • He proceeded to tell them the salary increase that God had approved.
  • It was Crandall's first salary increase in six years, the paper reported.
  • The new contract gives workers no salary increase in the first year.
  • Private wages and salaries increased in all major parts of the economy.
  • They have asked for a 14 percent salary increase over three years.
  • The workers are demanding a 4 . 85 percent salary increase.
  • The only major difference is believed to be a salary increase.
  • In recent years, the collective salary increase has exceeded 100 percent.
  • No salary increase is being proposed by Kansas lawmakers this year.
  • Their base salaries increased 11.3 percent to $ 481, 630 each.
  • Health workers have rejected the government's offer of a 12 percent salary increase.
  • Their base salaries increased 11 . 3 percent to $ 481, 630 each.
  • He was rewarded with a salary increase for his proficiency in the language.
  • Nobody else in society has had their salary increase as fast as athletes.
  • The average teacher salary increase for the 2000-2001 school year was 4 percent.
  • He also backed high tariffs and opposed a federal salary increase.
  • The conciliator recommended a 9 % salary increase over three years.
  • Truckers had asked for a salary increase of nearly 30 percent.
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