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English-Hindi > salary standardization

salary standardization meaning in Hindi

salary standardization sentence in Hindi

वेतन मानकीकरण
salary    भृति मेहनताना
standardization    मानकीकरण
1.Other measures being considered are exempting employees of revenue-collecting agencies from the government's salary standardization law that places a cap on their potential earnings.

2.Gus also has shown his support for the Bank Liberalization Law, the Salary Standardization Bill, the Magna Carta for the Poor, the Income Tax Reform Bill, among many others.

3.Under his term as chairperson, the SSL-3 or the third Salary Standardization Law ( SSL ) was passed, resulting to a hike in monthly compensation of all government officials and employees.

4.During Akbar's administration various projects for Communication and Health Services, the Full implementation of the Salary Standardization Law, Infrastructure Projects, Food Security Programs and Peace and Order Programs in the province were made.

5.As DepEd Legislative Liaison Officer, he successfully secured Congressional support to upgrade the salary grade and salaries of all public school teachers through Congressional Joint Resolution No . 4 otherwise known as the Salary Standardization Law III.

6.Although largely concerned with budget and financial matters, Belmonte also did work for the low-salaried employees, and was instrumental in the passage of the Second Salary Standardization Law ( SSL 2 ), which corrected the gross inequities of SSL 1.

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