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English-Hindi > sales pitch

sales pitch meaning in Hindi

sales pitch sentence in Hindi
• विक्रय-वार्ता
sales    बिक्री सेल
pitch    चोटी डामर चढ़ाव या
1.Such videotape sales pitches date to at least the early 1980s.

2.Thus, they may be more vulnerable to a sales pitch.

3.Ford's 1996 sales pitch even has its humorous moments.

4.Holmes was American, and the catalog sales pitch is awesome:

5.It is also an item that helps in a sales pitch.

6.The sales pitch is there, but it's tolerable.

7.Each item comes with a short sales pitch about the sponsor.

8.The sales pitch calls for " stylish sophistication ."

9.Arum's sales pitch to Eliades was a strong one.

10.The Rockies are making their sales pitch to Kile this weekend.

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