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sales talk sentence in Hindi

"sales talk" meaning in Hindi
  • After your sales talk, discuss with your counselor how persuasive you were.
  • Autry, saying he feels 14 again, broke off sale talks with Disney.
  • The bank refused to comment directly on the sale talk.
  • SR Technics is in sale talks with several potential investors, said spokesman Dominik Mueller.
  • John Hancock said in May that it planned to hold sale talks with Freedom executives.
  • Sing Tao chairman in stake sale talks, HONGKONG STANDARD
  • It's part sales talk and part pep talk.
  • The sale talks on Suffolk Downs are ongoing.
  • Is this a new form of sales talk, or did we forget how freely strangers interact?
  • We have to be careful about what we call alternative and what we call sales talk.
  • Montgomery is in sale talks at a time when prices paid for securities firms are skyrocketing.
  • That's still above the $ 38 at which Lycos traded in late April, before sales talk began.
  • The law does not consider that " mere puff " or " sales talk " are misrepresentations.
  • An early indication of Bush's intentions may come during annual arms sales talks with Taiwan in April.
  • Oil companies declined after reports of progress in oil sale talks between Iraq and the United Nations.
  • In May, GM vice chairman Harry Pearce was appointed Hughes chairman in order to reinvigorate the stalled sales talks.
  • Unfortunately, a vendor's follow-through infrastructure, its manufacturing, shipping, and even financing may not always match the cozy sales talk.
  • Tried to trace the history of the mechanical broadhead, and the web doesn't say much, except for sales talk.
  • But it will take more than a good sales talk to convince people like CWA chief Andrews of the benefits.
  • Crude prices soared to a three-year high on Tuesday after the first round of oil-sale talks ended without an agreement.
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