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English-Hindi > sales talk

sales talk meaning in Hindi

sales talk sentence in Hindi
• विक्रय-वार्ता
sales    बिक्री सेल
talk    सम्भाषण बातें
1.After your sales talk, discuss with your counselor how persuasive you were.

2.Autry, saying he feels 14 again, broke off sale talks with Disney.

3.The bank refused to comment directly on the sale talk.

4.SR Technics is in sale talks with several potential investors, said spokesman Dominik Mueller.

5.John Hancock said in May that it planned to hold sale talks with Freedom executives.

6.Sing Tao chairman in stake sale talks, HONGKONG STANDARD

7.It's part sales talk and part pep talk.

8.The sale talks on Suffolk Downs are ongoing.

9.Is this a new form of sales talk, or did we forget how freely strangers interact?

10.We have to be careful about what we call alternative and what we call sales talk.

promotion by means of an argument and demonstration
Synonyms: sales pitch, pitch,

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