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English-Hindi > savoy cabbage

savoy cabbage meaning in Hindi

savoy cabbage sentence in Hindi
मुड़ी-तुड़ी पत्तियों वाली पत्तागोभी
savoy    मुड़ी-तुड़ी
cabbage    करमकल्ला
1.12 ounces Savoy cabbage ( about a half medium head ), sliced

2.Comments : " This is the earliest savoy cabbage in the world.

3.1 large head savoy cabbage, halved and sliced into wide ribbons

4.8 ounces Savoy cabbage, cut into 3 / 4 inch pieces

5.In a large bowl, combine savoy cabbage and red cabbage, and set aside.

6.1 small head Napa or Savoy cabbage, about 1 { pounds

7.1 cup chopped savoy cabbage, plus 3 of the darker outer leaves, finely julienned

8.1 head savoy cabbage ( about 13 / 4 pounds ), cored, thinly sliced

9.Very common are sauerkraut, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, Kohlrabi and also carrot.

10.Savoy cabbage and proceeded to make it into " the most beautiful " soup.

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head of soft crinkly leaves
Synonyms: savoy,

cabbage plant with a compact head of crinkled leaves

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