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English-Hindi > saw down

saw down meaning in Hindi

saw down sentence in Hindi
saw    कहावत प्रवाद मसल
down    निगलकर शरीर के
1.I was so moved by what I saw down there,

2.He's organized a group of Pima men to saw down pine trees.

3."Oh, Pop, you can't believe what I saw down there ! " he exclaimed.

4.He was enthused, which seems to be Brennan's normal state, about the plants he saw down South.

5."But I don't think we'll see the same Denver team that we saw down here.

6.But I thought the tiki bar being open was more of a metaphor for a little piece of Americana I saw down there.

7."These aren't the same pigeons you saw down there, " he said, nodding to the street below.

8.His first move upon discharge is to saw down a double-barreled shotgun and sharpen the prosthetic hook which has replaced his right hand.

9.In 2005 a restructuring of the championship saw Down being entered in the Christy Ring Cup, effectively a competition for the  second-tier hurling teams.

10.The introduction of the so-called  back-door system saw Down later face Tipperary in the All-Ireland quarter-final at Semple Stadium.

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