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English-Hindi > scale analysis

scale analysis meaning in Hindi

scale analysis sentence in Hindi

मापक्रम विश्लेषण
scale    पलड़ा पपड़ी कोंपल
analysis    विश्लेषण
1.Intelligence agencies have not conducted a full-scale analysis of Iran for a year.

2.It may be derived in a number of ways, such as scale analysis.

3.They have also carried out scaling analysis for paramagnetic fluids in microgravity conditions.

4.But Orchid has brought large-scale analysis to forensic identification.

5.Any scale analysis of a flow region that is not uniquely defined is not valid.

6.However, it is a slow process, making it an unlikely choice for genome scale analysis.

7.Somorjai has helped catalytic chemistry in its epoch-making transition from the macroscopic view to molecular-scale analysis.

8.This technique is based on the WKBJ approximation, which is a special case of multiple-scale analysis.

9.This equation can be exactly solved using Floquet theorem or the standard techniques of multiple scale analysis.

10.His earlier work in scaling analysis produced what has become to be known as the Guttman scale.

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