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screw head sentence in Hindi

"screw head" meaning in Hindiscrew head in a sentence
  • I never understood the change to philips screw heads and the like.
  • Pay particular attention to small crevices, screw heads and places like that.
  • It's a spline tip with a corresponding recess in the screw head.
  • Those screwdrivers will slip out of the screw head and damage the work.
  • When driving screws, choose a screwdriver that fits properly in the screw head.
  • This mounting technique conceals the large screw heads that hold the unit in place.
  • Drill pilot holes first and countersink each screw head into the tr % ad
  • It's well known that philips screw heads can get rounded off with use ..
  • Q : Why are there two different types of screw heads, Phillips and the regular kind?
  • Close inspection reveals the secret : screw heads.
  • You could paint the screw heads or not.
  • Round head screws are popular on pieces where the screw head doesn't have to be concealed.
  • The Phillips has a beveled cross that fits into a screw head with a crossed slot.
  • Some deck boards are installed with clips, so there are no nail or screw heads showing.
  • Hartsfield said the chafed wiring was close to a screw head that was " roughened ."
  • Cover the screw heads with joint compound.
  • A : The regular types of screw heads came first and they are called " slotted ."
  • All visible screw heads are single slotted.
  • The first is to counterbore the pocket hole itself, which houses the screw head within the member.
  • Next, countersink the hole so the screw head will be hidden below the surface of the wood.
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