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English-Hindi > screw jack

screw jack meaning in Hindi

screw jack sentence in Hindi

स्क्रू जैक
स्‍क्रू जैक
screw    खपची जेलर ढक्कन
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
1.It was a screw jack style mechanism controlled by a computer.

2.The Jeep came with a star wrench, a screw jack and working lights.

3.Most property owners used screw jacks to raise their buildings to the new grade.

4.Screw jacks have now largely been replaced by hydraulic jacks.

5.Screw jacks had previously been used to load the logs.

6.Screw jacks were used to brace the aluminum against the granite pedestal of the statue.

7.The pavers were rested on screw jack pedestals in order to be leveled and shimmed.

8.Normally the latches are opened and closed by a screw jack powered by an electric actuator motor.

9.Generally, codes require that the screw jack mechanism be welded to make sure it will stay put.

10.Screw jacks still remain for minimal cost applications, such as the little-used tyre-changing jacks supplied with cars.

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screw-operated jack
Synonyms: jackscrew,

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