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scum bag sentence in Hindi

"scum bag" meaning in Hindiscum bag in a sentence
  • "He's a lying scum bag who murdered two people.
  • Anybody who speaks French is a scum bag.
  • _The notoriously loose-tongued Turner called Murdoch a " scum bag ."
  • "Per capita, there are more scum bags on ` NYPD Blue . "'
  • He warns them on posters and on the sheriff's office Web page, " Scum Bags!
  • As Harrelson-as-Flynt says in the movie, " It takes a scum bag like me to protect your rights ."
  • He blames the news media, disgruntled employees and Brown, whom he called " the lowest scum bag I have ever seen in my life ."
  • The four-page letter has embittered Democrats who are still smarting over Indiana Republican Dan Burton's reference to Clinton as a " scum bag ."
  • When he walks through Manhattan with his delegate credentials visible, he said he gets called names, including " scum bag, " " idiot " and " capitalist pig ."
  • The paper also called members of the judiciary " scum bags and demons " and referred to a tribunal policing pornography in the media a " criminal organization ."
  • "Scum bags, " adds Akardie, summing up what he views as a major difference between " Homicide " and Top-10 rated " NYPD Blue ."
  • Don't you wish you had a big, strong friend who could grant your fondest wishes, rap like a superstar and slam-dunk a bad guy into a trash can when the scum bag threatens your family?
  • He dismissed the song as a " total lie " and claimed " It's actually had no effect upon my life ", but expressed scorn for Dylan, saying, " He's a no-account son of a bitch, he's just like a scum of a scum bag of the earth, I should have sued him and put him in jail ."

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