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English-Hindi > sea legs

sea legs meaning in Hindi

sea legs sentence in Hindi
1.My equilibrium was off and I felt like I had sea legs.

2.The crew has 13, 000 miles under its once wobbly sea legs.

3.Besides, our shoulders were well exercised and our sea legs sturdy.

4.A . Your cruise will most likely require stout sea legs.

5.It took the actor a while to find his sea legs, he admits.

6.Get your sea legs at this seafood buffet on Main Street.

7.-- In rec . travel . cruises, former cruisenauts discussed sea legs and landsickness.

8.But first Trim will have to find her sea legs.

9.Neither parent is satisfied, struggling to find cultural sea legs in a new homeland.

10.It all left the foundation looking for its sea legs.

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