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English-Hindi > a bundle of nerves" sentence in Hindi

a bundle of nerves in a sentence

21.He was just a bundle of nerves,

22.Rodnina, always cool on the ice in her heyday, was a bundle of nerves watching her pupils.

23.Most mothers would be a bundle of nerves, placing their children's lives in the hands of a stranger.

24.Engskov is a bundle of nerves.

25.I was a bundle of nerves.

26.There is also a bundle of nerve fibers in the ligament that attaches the tooth to the bone,

27."I'm a bundle of nerves ."

28."He's a bundle of nerves.

29."Everybody's a bundle of nerves,"

30.WATCHING ISN'T EASY : Closer Tom Henke said he was a bundle of nerves as Rogers'perfect game unfolded Thursday night.

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