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English-Hindi > a bundle of nerves" sentence in Hindi

a bundle of nerves in a sentence

41.Given his surroundings, and given the fact that Tennessee's Phillip Fulmer is about to coach the biggest game of his life, he should be a bundle of nerves.

42.The "'anterior white commissure "'( "'ventral white commissure "') is a bundle of nerve fibers which cross the midline of the spinal cord just Rexed lamina X ).

43.Stockton recalls being a bundle of nerves last year when he was outside the 125 cutoff going into the last tournament, the Las Vegas Invitational, where he missed the cut.

44.Aside from the usual frantic foot-tapping and crossing of legs, he would occasionally become " a bundle of nerves ", at which point his temperament could turn " quite fierce ".

45.Though his tumor was benign, he said, it was growing on a bundle of nerves and when it was removed, he lost his sense of balance and hearing in his right ear.

46.Space sleeplessness is apparently caused by changes in the brain's endogenous circadian pacemaker _ a bundle of nerve cells the size of a pinhead that controls the body's cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

47.Three more roses arrived, making a complete dozen, around 2 : 30 p . m . _ the same time Jeff Riley of Chicago arrived with an engagement ring and a bundle of nerves.

48.James Fama, another super who trained with Deonarian, described him as " a bundle of nerves, " so anxious that on opening night he spoke of a nightmare of falling into the orchestra pit.

49.In 1992, he showed that the anterior commissure, a bundle of nerves that connects a small region of the right and left sides of the brain's cortex, is larger in gay men than in straight.

50.And when the biggest day came on Saturday, even though he knew his fate, he was still a bundle of nerves as he waited in the green room at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

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