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English-Hindi > abusively" sentence in Hindi

abusively in a sentence

11.They loved their foster brother Sperncer dearly but his mother treated them abusively.

12.She speaks abusively to all of those who have been attempting her rescue.

13.Checkuser has previously confirmed that User : Nimbley6 has used multiple accounts abusively.

14.The deal is whether or not Psikxas has been operating multiple accounts abusively.

15.Outing is a bad idea because it can be used maliciously or abusively.

16.:* Are the multiple accounts being used abusively?

17.Could you clarify why you think that the accounts are being used abusively?

18.She abusively berates the boy regarding his obesity.

19.Jack and PT confront him and Gill abusively tells them the road is restricted.

20.When he got such a reaction, he responded abusively, and was blocked.

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