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English-Hindi > accusatorial" sentence in Hindi

accusatorial in a sentence

11.Conversely, there is a tendency in countries with an inquisitorial system to believe that accusatorial proceedings unduly favour rich defendants who can afford large legal teams, and are very harsh on poorer defendants.

12.Former Enron chief executive Jeffrey Skilling, meanwhile, lashed back at lawmakers who have challenged his recent testimony to Congress, with his lawyer saying his statements were truthful and calling their inquiry " accusatorial and prosecutorial ."

13."The most curious development ( Tuesday ) is the rather self incriminating and accusatorial comments " from European finance ministers directed toward one another, said David Gilmore, partner at Foreign Exchange Analytics in Essex, Connecticut.

14.We acknowledged " [ t ] he importance of counsel in an accusatorial system, " underscoring that in a case with " any complexities [, ] the untrained defendant is in no position to defend himself, " and that in a case without " complexities, his lack of legal representation may place him at a disadvantage . " Rodriguez, supra, 58 N . J . at 295, 277 A . 2d 216.

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