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English-Hindi > act of law" sentence in Hindi

act of law in a sentence

11.A proposed act of law begins its life when a particular government minister or ministry prepares a first draft with the assistance of the Attorney-General's Department.

12.Several acts of law regulate the freedoms granted by Article 10, such as the Official Secrets Act, which makes it a crime to disseminate information classified as an official secret.

13.The "'Dutch nobility "'is regulated by act of law in the Nobility Act, passed into law on 1 August 1994, and is overseen by the, an official state institution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

14.An Individual's "'status "'is a legal position held in regard to the rest of the community and not by an act of law or by the capacities should be recognised wherever the person may later travel.

15.Charles VII tried to emphasise his government in Frankfurt with numerous acts of law, such as the grant of imperial privilege to the University of Erlangen in 1743 and the creation of several new imperial nobles.

16.Despite the name of the act of law which created it, there is no requirement that a class-A station be an independent or community broadcaster, and some class-A stations are simply used as broadcast translators for other stations.

17.The medal was established in 1970 by the Knesset in an act of law as a replacement for the " Hero of Israel " military decoration that was awarded during the 1947-48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

18.Using arcane treaties, obscure acts of law and a brain-numbing array of legal tactics, McLaren and 20 like-minded followers are attempting to form their own sovereign nation, called the Davis Mountains Land Commission, in the weathered peaks 13 miles west of town.

19.The Solicitor General had submitted that under the Constitution, only acts of law inconsistent with the Constitution that were passed after independence would be void, while Article 162 excepted legislation passed prior to independence . ( Clause 6 of Article 162 permits a court to apply the pre-independence legislation by modifying it as required to conform with the Constitution . who wrote:

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