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English-Hindi > adverted" sentence in Hindi

adverted in a sentence

21.The first and principal of these has already been adverted to at some length, and cannot be too closely kept in view  the fatal neglect of a vigorous pursuit of the defeated Prussians, on the night of 16 June and morning of 17 June by a detached Corps; combined with the extraordinary delay in the attack upon Wellington at Quatre Bras, on the latter day.

22.Perhaps a more visible threat, he concluded, would cause the Domingue regime to crack .  It has been determined to apply to the man of war to Port-au-Prince with a view to your protection from insult,  Fish wrote to Bassett .  That the embarrassing question adverted to may be satisfactorily adjusted before she arrives, is much to be desired . 

23.:: And either there were faults in the Warsaw Pact structure, or Stalin was central to the peaceful nature of the Warsaw Pact, because Berlin'53, Hungary'56, Poland'56 ( adverted by a successful Polish military manoeuvre ), Czechoslovakia'68; and of course the planned Yugoslavia'51 . talk ) 02 : 59, 2 June 2011 ( UTC)

24.Within the frameworks of the adverted assignment from 1995 to 1997 Brigadier General Close developed and executed a successful strategic vision and plan to acquire control over U . S . military forces and missions in 13 Caribbean nations and also increased the number and improved the quality of the organization's exercise program through direct interaction with the region's 35 countries and U . S . government's interagency process.

25.James Grant wrote : " With the deadly heresies entertained and taught by the Plymouth Brethren, in relation to some of the most momentous of all the doctrines of the gospel, and to which I have adverted at some length, I feel assured that my readers will not be surprised at any other views, however unscriptual and pernicious they may be, which the Darbyites have embraced and zealously seek to propagate"

26.Though some courts have adverted to the filing of a " deemed claim, " see Galuska, 5 F . 3d, at 196; Richards, 37 F . 3d, at 589, all that matters for the proper application of s6512 ( b ) ( 3 ) ( B ) is that the " claim " contemplated in that section be treated as the only mechanism for determining whether a taxpayer can recover a refund.

27.Was going to say keep, because the content is interesting and notable, the adoption by others as a discussion term very much so ( there " are " verifiable references ), and its fictional status is adverted ( which is not the case with the Urantia AFDs ); but it would fit much better in the Glossary section and in a new Hnau section of Space Trilogy, and I think a mention and link at sentience is also sentient.

28.Even after the crack-down, the Commissioners admitted that they were influenced by the agitation : " The depressed condition of the manufacturing population, to which we have already adverted, and the disquietude of the public mind occasioned by the chartist riot at Newport, in Monmouthshire, rendered us extremely unwilling to take any step in the manufacturing districts of Lancashire which might have even a remote tendency to produce a disturbance, or which might be used by designing persons as a pretext for agitation"

29.Moreover, the Court has recognised the  special weight to be accorded to the role of the domestic policy-maker in matters of general policy on which opinions within a democratic society may reasonably differ widely ( see in the context of Article 10 of the Convention the case " MGN Limited v . the United Kingdom ", no . 39401 / 04, ?200, 18 January 2011, referring in turn to " Hatton and Others v . the United Kingdom " [ GC ], no . 36022 / 97, ?7, ECHR 2003-VIII, where the Court adverted to the  direct democratic legitimation that the legislature enjoys ).

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