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English-Hindi > ailerons" sentence in Hindi

ailerons in a sentence

41.On the trailing edge, there are maneuvering flaps and wingtip ailerons.

42.Two-segment outboard ailerons for low speed roll control.

43.Note : Frise ailerons are primarily designed to reduce roll control forces.

44.The barrel roll has a vertical component which the aileron roll lacks.

45.The aileron roll is commonly confused with a barrel roll.

46.Other revisions included horn-balanced ailerons and a triangular vertical fin.

47.Rear surfaces include wings with ailerons and fixed dorsal and ventral stabilizers.

48.Roll control was effected by ailerons fitted to the upper wings only.

49.Aileron and elevator control is affected through use of a side stick.

50.It had parallel interplane struts and ailerons on all wings.

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