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English-Hindi > air pump" sentence in Hindi

air pump in a sentence

11.Now, you may not find a working air pump at all.

12.It comes with a headrest, built-in air mattress, battery-powered air pump and carry case.

13.Some pH controllers have an interface for an air pump.

14.The air pump was driven by a bell crank from the LP tail rod.

15.Replied the driver : " With an air pump ."

16.This air pump is connected to an airstone in the sump or main tank.

17.Stacking the cells restricts air flow and creates the need for an air pump.

18.Once repaired, a further delay was incurred by a defect in the air pump.

19.Smaller sign on air pump : " Deposit one dime or two nickels ."

20.Air pumps were driven from LP and IP crossheads.

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