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English-Hindi > air pump" sentence in Hindi

air pump in a sentence

21.Now, using an air pump usually costs a quarter or 50 cents for five minutes.

22.The air pump is located in front diver side behind a splashguard near the wheel.

23.The vehicle air pumps must supply new pressurized air to make up for these losses.

24.Roiling bubbles rose from air pumps in the cutter's keel, helping break up the ice.

25.Robert Hooke also helped Boyle produce an air pump which helped to produce the vacuum.

26.An auxiliary arch head drove the engine's air pump.

27.A ski area may have the required high-output water pumps, but not an air pump.

28.Need for supplementary oxygenation using air pumps is also eliminated, which increases reliability and reduces complexity.

29.In addition to bottle cages, small air pumps may be fitted to these mounts as well.

30.It was patented by Robert Albrecht on July 21, 1953 . and used an air pump.

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