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English-Hindi > air pump" sentence in Hindi

air pump in a sentence

41.When attendants routinely wiped windshields and offered to check oil levels, gas 3taUions all had free air pumps.

42.In this a crank / eccentric mounted air pump is used to directly inject fuel into the cylinder.

43.The gas station I most often used in our New Jersey town had recently removed its air pump.

44.Air pumps driven from each crosshead.

45.Air pump drive from tail rod.

46.A new catalytic converter was introduced with an air inlet for forced air injection from the air pump.

47.For instance, instead of the Jarvik-era air pumps, the AbioCor uses bladder-like liquid pumps to simulate the heart's pumping.

48.Captivating women more recently have been bras that can be inflated with an air pump like a bicycle tire.

49.The cargo area has its own 12-volt power outlet, perfect to use for air pumps and other camping accessories.

50.`AN EXPERIMENT WITH AN AIR PUMP .'Manhattan Theater Club, 131 W . 55th St ., ( 212 ) 581-1212.

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