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English-Hindi > analysis and synthesis" sentence in Hindi

analysis and synthesis in a sentence

21.The study was produced by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis and endorsed by 150 of the world's top marine scientists.

22.This syncretic, expansive concept of myth allows the critic to embark on innovative analysis and synthesis of mythical narratives and their diverse processes.

23.Dr . Parmesan is a researcher at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

24.However, a court opinion is significantly different from a trial transcript because it is a judge's analysis and synthesis of material presented at trial.

25.Bernard Tan's current research interests are in microwave solid-state properties and devices, digital musical analysis and synthesis, and directional perception of multiple sound sources.

26.Pulsation was also important in her works and could be described as a sequence of mental attitudes, with her attention being analysis and synthesis.

27.Randall Yim, director of national preparedness studies at the accounting office, said : " The emphasis should be on the analysis and synthesis of information.

28.Having done so, I would like to CHALLENGE my fellow contributors to point out where all these alleged instances of analysis and synthesis are present.

29.Several parallelogram supports for analysis and synthesis filters are also shown . These filters can be derived from the diamond filters by using uni-modular transformation.

30.Computational linguistics = The branch of linguistics in which the techniques of computer science are applied to the analysis and synthesis of language and speech.

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