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English-Hindi > analysis and synthesis" sentence in Hindi

analysis and synthesis in a sentence

31.Keirsey performed an in-depth, systematic analysis and synthesis of aspects of personality for temperament, which included the temperament's unique interests, orientation, values, self-image, and social roles.

32.This article is not rocket science-in fact it is almost childishly simple, yet it is constantly being suggested that the article is full of analysis and synthesis.

33.Alroy is a paleobiologist at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California at Santa Barbara; Marshall is a paleobiologist at Harvard.

34."You can say with some probability, but you can never be sure, " said Kenneth Stevens, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology expert in speech analysis and synthesis.

35.Miruka mentions an important function of folklore, namely that of sensory awareness, analysis and synthesis, as well as affective development can be specifically emphasised in this regaard.

36.The evolution of modern corporate life in the 1920s through 1960s, sought to apply analysis and synthesis to improve the methods of all functions within a business.

37.She was able to bring these research strands together and be part of the YODA initiative s first project to provide independent re-analysis and synthesis of industry data.

38.Sustainable development as a research area deals with problems requiring analysis and synthesis across economic, social and environmental spheres; often an integration of multiple social and natural science disciplines.

39.C / "'complex "' it combines elements of analysis and synthesis from various economic schools, from behavioral economics to political economics, as well as microeconomics with macroeconomics and global economics;

40.During an 1861 Royal Institution lecture on colour theory, Maxwell presented the world's first demonstration of colour photography by this principle of three-colour analysis and synthesis . wet collodion process Sutton employed.

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