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English-Hindi > analysis and synthesis" sentence in Hindi

analysis and synthesis in a sentence

41.It should be noted that the creation of theoretical bases of the analysis and synthesis of project networks will be important for practical implementation of this perspective view of the network structure.

42.While geospatially displayed information can assist in decision-making, the deep understanding of markets, engineering systems, and human interaction enabled by analysis and synthesis of information not found in GIS systems is also present.

43.The focus in the " Vision & Imaging Technologies " department is on complex 2D / 3D analysis and synthesis methods, on computer vision as well as innovative camera, sensor, display and projection systems.

44.The principle of reproducing a full range of color by three-color analysis and synthesis is based on the nature of human color vision and underlies nearly all practical chemical and electronic color imaging technologies.

45.It is, so far, the most cited paper coming out of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis ( NCEAS ) in Santa Barbara, and one of the most cited papers in marine ecology.

46.Similar efforts based on the NCEAS research approach have been undertaken internationally as well, such as the Australian Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis ( ACEAS ) and the Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution.

47.The researchers, financed by the National Science Foundation and the American Institute for Biological Sciences, reported their results at a workshop at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

48.My chief difficulty was to compromise between truth and art, for I was writing a novel that was to be an exact reproduction of the period and an exact analysis and synthesis of a state of mind ."

49.He has argued that animal experimentation provided a crucial driving force behind the method of analysis and synthesis that would come to play a central role in the emergence of the physico-chemical sciences in the 17th and 18th centuries.

50.Originally built on chromatography, a method of separating liquids at rapid speeds, PerSeptive has since diversified to provide a range of products and systems for the purification, analysis and synthesis of biomolecules, sold mainly to the pharmaceutical and research industries.

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